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Amy Morin, A Psychologist Shares The 7 Great Mistakes That Parents’ Make Wherefore Destroying The Confidence And Self-esteem Of Their Kids.

Online Radio - JO September 7, 2019

Every parent wants their kids to feel good about themselves — and with good reason. Studies have shown that confident kids experience benefits ranging from less anxiety and improved performance in school to increased resilience and healthier relationships. As a psychotherapist and author of “13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t […]

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What’s Your Plan For The Weekend

Online Radio - KP September 6, 2019

Guyyyysss! It’s the 9th month of the year and you haven’t even had any fun this year. Get your ass up and do that thing you have been planning for yourself. You haven’t even done half of the things you promised yourself in your resolution. You really cannot afford to […]

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Breakfast ideas for Saturday

Online Radio - KP August 31, 2019

No time for a proper homemade breakfast during the week because you have to get to work early and you probably wouldn’t have breakfast or just get a roadside snack or coffee. Saturdays are the best days to have that special food you have been craving all week. We have […]



How To Get Rid Of A Bad Mother Inlaw

Online Radio - KP August 8, 2019

Dealing with a human being can be relatively hard not to talk of dealing with a woman. Whether she’s your mother, stepmother, a friend’s mother, or even your mother-in-law, there are limits to what can be endured. Showing up unannounced, judging, complaining, hovering, Jealousy can be overbearing at times and […]

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Things To pack For A Weekend GetAway

Online Radio - KP August 4, 2019

Weekend getaway is a period of time for a short vacation, recreation and relaxation. Most times, it comes in a short period of notice or just a sudden decision to take a break. Packing, ven for a short trip that lasts only a weekend, is dictated mostly by weather and […]